Oh, you are a photographer? But what’s your real job?

After hearing a few condescending remarks about being a photographer, I expressed my frustrations in our Blissful Baby Attendees group and one of the girls said that someone actually asked her this question.

Now, I know that some photographers do actually have a full time job and just do it on the side but I also know that several of them would love to legitimately quit their full time job and make their passion their career.

My question is, why do people automatically assume that photography is always a side hustle?
You wouldn’t automatically assume that with any other business. Oh, you run a restaurant, but what is your real job? Why is being a photographer not a real job?

I know that there are lots of people who love photography. I also know that there are lots of people who attempt to have a photography business but that’s because so many people don’t want to be stuck in a 9-5 every day.

Maybe they say it isn’t a real jobs because it isn’t. In fact, it’s a dream job.

Could you imagine having a job where you get to cuddle babies, play with kids and act silly to make them giggle!? Or having a job capturing people’s happiest and most emotional times of their lives?

That’s what we do. That’s a dream job.



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