5 Ways to Make Your Children Feel Heard

I want to talk about something that I have been struggling with these last few months. It has been a super busy season and I am really trying to be present when I am with my children. Since there are five of them it is so hard to equally divide my time and feel like I am fully listening. I knew this ...

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Oh, you are a photographer? But what’s your real job?

After hearing a few condescending remarks about being a photographer, I expressed my frustrations in our Blissful Baby Attendees group and one of the girls said that someone actually asked her this question. Now, I know that some photographers do actually have a full time job and just do it on ...

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Baby Photographer Gainesville

I joked on Facebook that I was feeling all "dark and moody" but seriously, this rain has got to stop. I think it has literally rained every day this entire summer. I know this because I have 5 children who have been stuck inside! They have the worst case of cabin fever I have ever seen. It ...

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Newborn Photographer, Gainesville, FL

This is probably my all time favorite awake photo. That eye contact and those gorgeous features just get me! She was THE sweetest little baby and oh so gorgeous. I find myself cuddling babies so much more now that I am finished having babies. My youngest is 19 months old and literally the size of a ...

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Newborn Photographer, Gainesville

Are you are looking for a newborn photographer in Gainesville, Florida? Do you know what to look for? Do you know what questions to ask? Newborn photography is a relatively new concept. When I had my first baby, people waited until the baby was one month old and then took them to JC Penney or ...

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