Business Hours

I’ve been trying to set regular business hours for years and I never stuck to it. I have finally decided that I must make this a priority. I have become a workaholic. I feel like every waking moment, I’m either working or thinking about what needs to get done. Everyday, all day long, 7 days a week. ...

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Say Cheese

Quick Tip! Trouble getting your kids to look at the camera and smile? Tell them to Say “cookies” really loud. It gets them to smile at the end with the “ees” sound without opening it say wide to say cheese. Their eyes light up when you allow them to get loud. Voila! ...

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My Team is Growing Again!

The Janean Gray Photography team is growing again. This is Rachelle Hand. She will be joining my team as my virtual assistant. What does that mean?!? She will be assisting with my social media platforms and my websites. She is a mother to 5 little ones as well. She enjoys spending time with ...

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My Last Baby

My youngest son is going to be two in just a few months. He is slowly Transforming from a baby into this big kid who is so independent. He still wants to cuddle and kiss me on the lips, but he also wants to put on his own shoes and control what he gets to eat. I see it happening right before my ...

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