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This is probably my all time favorite awake photo. That eye contact and those gorgeous features just get me! She was THE sweetest little baby and oh so gorgeous. I find myself cuddling babies so much more now that I am finished having babies. My youngest is 19 months old and literally the size of a 3 year old. We went to the doctor today and he is in the 97th percentile for everything, height, weight and head. If you have met me, I have probably mentioned that my children all have HUGE heads but at least this kid is proportionate, ha ha!

This was our third workshop baby in Newnan, Georgia. What a day that was! It started out with a terrible storm. Black skies and raining so hard that I was worried some of the attendees wouldn’t make it. Thankfully, everyone made it there just in time to see that we lost power. Normally, I need an outlet for my light, my white noise and the heater. But because it was so warm in the middle of the summer in Georgia and I had a shutter and the white noise app, the only thing I was really worried about was my light.

Now, I realize that I should’ve had a battery backup. That is completely my fault for not thinking of all the things that could go wrong. If it was a normal sessions, I could realistically reschedule but there was no way that I could reschedule this.

So, the only thing I could think of doing was buying a generator. I called my husband and he told me that I needed a specific one that had a clean power source. Of course, this specific one was $500. Fortunately, My host’s husband was happy to run to Harbor Freight to buy it!

When he got back, we had already went over everything we needed to do or talk about before we start and our model was there, ready and waiting. He fired up the generator an it worked! My light came on and then the power came back on! Literally, as soon as we started it up!

It ended up being a wonderful day with the exception of a model who decided not to show up because she was “tired” Most people will never appreciate FREE stuff and it makes me crazy. I will never understand it!

I am so appreciative to the models that do show up and let us photograph your sweet little babies just like this one!!

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