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I joked on Facebook that I was feeling all “dark and moody” but seriously, this rain has got to stop. I think it has literally rained every day this entire summer. I know this because I have 5 children who have been stuck inside!

They have the worst case of cabin fever I have ever seen. It doesn’t help that my father-in-law has been living with us since June 1st. He is probably messier and a worse listener than all of my children combined. No joke.

Anyway, I am totally digging the dark and moody edits in general. I have always loved shadows but I think I am embracing them more and more as I get older. They just give so much depth and dimension to an other wise 2D photo. My good friend, Alyisa from www.alymariephotography.com is getting married and I was helping her find a photographer. There were so many photographers with this gorgeous dark and moody processing, that is inspired me to do some different processing of my own.

As we grow as photographers, our personal preference and style changes. It seems like once we finally find our style, we decide to change it! We are always learning and trying to get better. As an artist, it never stops. I will never feel like I am done learning. I will never feel like I am taking the best pictures I could ever take. I can always do better and I strive for that. There is no such thing as perfect and I know I will fall short but that is ok. I never want to feel complacent. I don’t know if that is my personality or what but I truly feel like I am always going to want to do better and be better. Not to say that I don’t appreciate what I have or am not proud of what I have done but you only have one life, why not try to make it the best one and be the best version of yourself?


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