• Newborn Photographer, Gainesville, Florida

    I have been majorly behind on blogging! I need to catch up! Thai sweet little girl had the most perfect eyelashes and eyebrows! I always think it’s so cute when a baby has eyebrows! It’s adorable! She also had a gorgeous head of hair! And I was so super excited when Grandma told me that mom loved pink!! There are so many sessions when moms say no pink at all for my girl!

  • Gainesville, Florida Newborn Photographer

    I am finally caught up on workshop babies and I can start working on clients! I’m super excited to work out of the new studio on the Haile Village Center! I had the pleasure of photographing one of my old friends from elementary school’s baby last week! It’s been a crazy week with the release of our Posing Guide and Workflow Video but I will post a sneak peek soon! For now, here is one of this baby girl and her mom!

  • Haile Plantation, gainesville newborn photographer

    I went to Haile Plantation for the first time today and it was so adorable!! Such a quaint little area of town! I’m looking at a studio space in the area and I’m very excited!! The only problem is that mode of the buildings have tons of windows. Luckily there trees are all over and give most of the area plenty of shade! I’m so excited to possibly take pictures of these little babies is such a darling space!!

  • Newborn Photographer, Gainesville, Florida

    So, we have been back home in Florida for about a month and there is finally a cold front! Ha ha! It’s not really that cold. 73 degrees feels amazing to me but it does make it a little harder to keep the studio warm enough for babies! Just kidding! I am loving this weather! The studio only needs to be between 80-85 degrees for a newborn while I am posing. I have a little space heater next to the beanbag in case the baby still isn’t warm enough but I don’t want him/her to get overheated! Parent shots are usually ok because they feel the body heat coming off…

  • Gainesville, Florida newborn photographer

    I’m so excited about the online workshop we have coming out!! It is so detailed, I am curious to see the feedback!! We made a video of a newborn session from start to finish along with a pdf that included everything from lighting to safety!

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    I’ve been back home for 3 weeks now and I did not think I would love it this much! I’ve taken photos of 7 babies, taught two workshops and swam in the ocean in October! It’s been a busy few weeks!! I look forward to getting a studio closer to home and settling in to a good routine! I’m working on releasing an online workshop with my business partner from blissful baby, so hopefully I will have a little more time on my hands soon!!

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    How do you find a good newborn photographer? It’s really hard! I was discussing this with a fellow newborn photographer yesterday. How do you know if the person you hired is good? Safe? Responsible? I teach newborn posing and safety to photographers around the country and the number one thing that I encourage them to do is have liability insurance. Making sure your photographer is insured should be a no brained but it’s sometimes something people just assume. The second throng I recommend finding out is if they are properly licensed. Newborn photography isn’t regulated, so they won’t have a license for that but a business license in general is…

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    Since I’ve moved back to Florida, I’ve had lots of interest in Gainesville as well, so I’ve decided to find a studio! I’m so excited to have two spaces to work in! If you know any pregnant moms, send them my way!!

  • Alachua county baby photographer

    I’m seriously loving living in Florida! Except for the humidity 😂 the newborns don’t seem to mind! It’s not horrible in Gainesville but I was in South Florida last weekend and I could feel the moisture in the air!

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    I am finally getting around to blogging this little guy’s session. He was so sweet and content. He spent a little time in the NICU before coming to me so he was totally fine with me moving him around. It is very hit or miss when it comes to nicu babies. Sometime they are so used to being messed with that that don’t care or they are tired of being messed with and want to be left alone. Luckily, he did a wonderful job in the studio!!