• Gainesville Baby Photographer

    I am working on this little guy’s gallery and I just had to post this on here! This blue is perfect! I bought it in Minnesota at my favorite fabric store and I planned on making a hat to match but I ran out of time. So, I changed the color in photoshop. This I one of my favorite boy hats but it is green, so I made it match a little better!  This is hands down one of my favorite pics and I think its because I love this angle and this color! The perfect little face makes it wonderful too! He had some gorgeous skin and it was…

  • Awake newborn photographer Gainesville

    Awake babies are so much more difficult to photograph because they have no control of their limbs but they sure are cute! I love when I can get some wide open eyes! Especially if they are chill and he was one chill little dude! He was so relaxed and happy! Mom wanted green, so I changed the color of this backdrop! It is awesome to be able to just change a color in photoshop to make it match a nursery! It is one of my favorite parts of being a photographer. I love photoshop so much that I actually just play around with photos of my own kiddos sometimes!

  • Alachua newborn photographer

    I am a sucker for profile shots. I think I do them in every pose. It just reminds me of when my babies were little and breastfeeding. It is the angle of their face you are always looking at. Even if you are bottle feeding, you are still sitting there looking at their profile. I also absolutely adore baby rolls. They are my favorite and this is the perfect pose to accentuate them! Even skinny little babies have rolls in this pose but the chunky ones are AMAZING! These little sleeping beauty is just so perfect!!

  • Newborn Photography Workshop Gainesville

    Over this past weekend, I taught a small 2:1 workshop in my studio in Haile Village. The women were amazing! Both very sweet and talented ladies! We had 3 babies model for us and they did a great job! We got through so many poses and the ladies both got some hands on experience which can be tremendously helpful. People do not realize how much goes in to being a newborn photographer. They think babies just sleep all the time and you can just put them on a beanbag and take photos but that is not the case. It is a very specialized type of photography that takes a TON…

  • Newborn Photographer Gainesville, FL

    This is by far my favorite hat ever! It is so adorable, especially on this sweet sleepy girl! Her little lips and cheeks are so perfect. And those eyelashes are to die for!! I seriously wish I had lashes like that! They are so long and curly! Pink is a hard color to photograph, especially a peachy pink but this little girl rocked it! Her skin is flawless! Babies usually start getting baby acne around 14 days and she wasn’t quite there yet.

  • Black and White Gainesville Newborn Photographer

    I rarely do black and white photos any more just because everyone wants color. Sometimes there is an image that just screams to be converted to black and white and this is one of them! This little girl did an amazing job in the studio! She was so good! She literally slept the entire time. I got SO many images!! Sometimes babies sleep but they are still a little squirmy, she was a limp noodle! I love how tiny she looks in daddy’s hands. This is hands down my favorite dad pose. You can see how tiny they are and you can still see all their little features when their…

  • Newborn Safety

    Newborn safety is my number one priority during a newborn session. I have five kiddos of my own, so I know how nerve-wracking it can be to hand over your tiny newborn to a complete stranger!  I want the babies to feel safe and secure in my hands, so I do everything in my power to make sure they are safe and never left unattended. I am always in arms reach of the baby when I am shooting and if I have to leave the beanbag, I have mom or dad comer over to keep an eye out. I keep the heater far away enough from the baby that it…

  • Gainesville baby photography

    Sometimes babies do not want to go right to sleep during a session and that is completely ok! I have a workflow that I go though and can improvise because ultimately the baby is running the show. However, I can usually get them to sleep right away and start with beanbag poses. It is very rare that I cannot get a baby to sleep within the first 15 minutes. If that happens, I just swaddle them up! Babies loved to be swaddled. It makes them feel safe and secure. Then they usually drift off into a peaceful sleep!  

  • Gainesville newborn photographer

    One of my favorite things about teaching newborn photography around the country is that I have to chance to meet new moms from all over. This mom was so appreciative!! She was incredibly happy with all of her photos! She let me use all sorts of fun colors and props and her baby was a rockstar! Seriously, I think I actually got an entire session in which never happens with models! She looks so sweet and peaceful in this little pose!  Janean Gray is a Gainesville newborn photographer. She specializes in fine art newborn portraiture, maternity, babies, kids and families. Her studio is located in the Haile Village Center.

  • Alachua baby photography

    Let’s talk about how much I LOVE bear hats. When I first started out, I bought all of the outlandish props and hats but they weren’t really my style. I like simple, elegant and classy. Not saying there is anything wrong with the big extravagant animal and flower hats, they just weren’t me. These hats are a perfect compromise for me. Still cute but not overpowering. I want the baby to focus of the photo not the prop. This sweet girl looks so adorable in pink! One of my favorite froggy photos ever! Janean Gray is a Gainesville newborn photographer. She specializes in fine art newborn portraiture, maternity, babies, kids…